New Patient Experience

All new adult patients seen in our practice will benefit from a complete oral examination and interview during the first appointment.  This first visit is one of the most important appointments you will have with us as it is at this appointment that you will be able to learn about us and our values as well as give us an opportunity to learn about you and your dental goals.  This exchange of information will enable us to form a plan to help you best achieve those goals.

We begin this first visit with a thorough review of each patient’s medical and dental history in our private consultation room.  After this important first step, our new patient will adjourn into the dental hygiene room for a full series of digital radiographs.  These radiographs are necessary for complete diagnosis.  They are also helpful as a baseline to compare dental structures of today with the future.

At this point you will meet either Dr. Tom or Dr. Melissa – who will assess your periodontal condition and any dental goals you may have.  It is at this point where the doctor may recommend impressions of your teeth so that your case may be studied for more complicated cases.  Intra oral photos may also be taken to help aid in diagnosis, discovery and patient education.  After the dental cleaning is complete with full charting of the gums and teeth a more thorough assessment is made by the doctors to detect cavities, infections, gingival health and an oral cancer screening.  These findings are fully discussed along with patient education and the treatment options available to treat any findings.

It is our up-most priority to make this first appointment one that is comfortable and full of trust so that there is a free exchange of information to enable Dr. Tom or Dr. Melissa to help you achieve complete dental health along with your dental goals.