Children’s Program

We take great pride in our Children’s  Children's ProgramProgram – which we developed especially for children beginning at the age of 3.

We use a home-like setting to keep them comfortable in a new environment and our staff does a wonderful job in ensuring that the children have fun while they learn the basics of good dental care.

We also offer well baby education for children between the ages of 1 and 3 and can see them on an annual basis to monitor oral development and answer any questions parents may have.


We have a very strong pediatric program.  Hygienist Mary has been seeing children at this practice for 30 years.  We are very proud of the families that come to our office some patients are 3 or 4 generations deep.

Hygienist Barb joined our practice in 2013 after spending 5 years in a pediatric dental office.  At each cleaning our goal is to clean and polish as well as examine each tooth.  Not every child is ready to sit through an appointment, therefore we let the child guide us through the appointment while still planning to meet our goals.  Oral Hygiene Instructions and diet counseling are also important at each cleaning appointment.


We practice telling adults and children alike what we are going to do and why we are going to do each step of a procedure.  Here in these pictures Barb is showing the patient how her tools work and further explains the expectation of what is to be achieved by each step of a procedure.








Finally, we Do.  We do exactly what we say.  This instills trust from out patients and allows for successful future appointments.  Of course a trip to the treasure chest is always at the end of each child’s appointment!








 Services we provide for children are:

  • Composite white fillings
  • Sealants
  • Prophy cleanings
  • Exams
  • Fluoride application
  • Diet Counseling
  • Safe digital x-rays, with low dose radiation
  • Space maintainers